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Canterbury farmland early in winter, back-grounded by foothills of Southern Alps lightly dusted in snow. New Zealand, June 2015.

Dazzling with Pom-poms; The Cheerleader PM

A sincere, likeable personality innocently struggling to lead, but lacking the key skills? Or cynically hawking a utopia she knows won’t happen tomorrow?In New Zealand, Prime Minister Ardern has garnered a popularity long missing from her Labour Party. Plainly, she commands handy qualities to have generated that appeal around her support base. … But … Read full text …


Grain almost ready to harvest around granary. South Island farming country in February, 2008. New Zealand

Ms Ardern’s “wellbeing budget” pays her $1.5 million personal income for a 3 yr term in office, disregarding allowances. Whose wellbeing?  Big pay by world standards, greater than leaders of larger economies.  How does this help Jacinda’s poor?

Free Expression; Keeping Speech Free

Would freedom be a world where public policy repressed debate on officially taboo subjects?If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.… how could it be that in 2019, some propose this right should be limited? Read Full Text …

“Hate-speech” often originates from un-hateful speakers wrongfully accused; it is just that listeners might hate to hear the argument.

In a free society the audience can close the book or turn off the radio at any time they personally find words disagreeable.